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Printable Student Planner | (2022-23) Academic Year

    Our all-in-one-place student planner to fulfill all your academic needs. Get over 120 pages to plan your entire 2022-23 years absolutely free. Below you will get details about pages included in the planner.

    Student Planner Printable Feature Image

    If you love planning things and avid user of printable planners then this student planner 2022-2023 is for you. I am sure these planner pages are efficient enough to help you to organize the whole year. Out of all 120 pages, there might be some pages that may not go well with your plan so I would suggest you may to skip those pages and print out what pages are a good fit for you.

    What’s inside the planner?

    You need to have a clear insight that what’s inside the planner when you decided to download or print planners because you will obviously put your time and some money to get them printed. So here is an overview of the academic planners 2022-23 and how you can maximize the value from it.

    What’s inside

    • Introduction
    • Contents
    • Key holidays/fun holidays
    • Birthdays to remember
    • Term dates
    • Important deadlines
    • Exam schedule
    • Grade tracker
    • Class schedule (semester 1/semester 2)
    • Notes
    • Yearly calendars 2022 & 2023
    • Dated Monthly calendars (August 2022 to July 2023)
    • Daily schedule planner – Dated

    How to use this Student planner?

    Now you know what pages are you going to get when you will download the planner. The first page is an introduction and personal message for our students from calendarkart and I hope this planner would be very useful for you.

    Important Holidays: You may find two pages about traditional (most common) holidays like valentine’s day, Independence Day, Christmas, etc., and another page with fun holidays like “International Beer Day”, and “ugly Christmas sweater day” or “Hugging day”.

    Key Holidays 2022-2023

    Birthdays: Forgetting birthdays is quite common that’s why I have incorporated a “Birthdays to remember” page so that you don’t get embarrassed for not wishing your colleagues.

    It is a simple 2 columns layout with “Name” and “Date”, so fill out names in the first column and dates in the second column as shown in the figure below. Here are 21 rows on the page and you might have more birthdates to remember in that case you can simply print 2 copies of the birthday page.

    Birthdays to Remember

    Term Dates: Then we have term dates to fill, which of course you should fill once the term dates are confirmed.

    Term Dates

    Important deadlines: Fill out important deadlines and here we have 2 pages, “assignments”  and “exams”. That way you will be able to adopt a proactive approach before reaching the deadlines.

    Important Deadlines

    Grade tracker: Once you get your grades you can use this section and keep a track record.

    Grade Tracker

    Planner Pages: Here comes the real planner templates, these 109 yearly, monthly, and weekly planning templates.

    Yearly spread: It starts with the yearly spread of 2022 and 2023, here you can quickly check important dates like birthdays or class schedules at a glance.

    Yearly Spread

    Monthly spread: Here are the more detailed monthly calendar templates from “August 2022 to July 2023, and how you can use them.

    Monthly spread

    As you can see, I have color-coded all my identical events with the same color, so that you can identify what’s more important in a single glance.

    Weekly spread: Now each month has detailed weekly planners from “August 2022 to July 2023” which you can use date-wise. How you can use these pages, see the image below

    Weekly Spread

    Notes: Notes pages are important and always come in handy when you write down all important reminders and to-dos. There are currently two pages available in the student planner bundle but you can print multiple pages if required.

    Class Schedule: Class schedule for semester 1 and semester 2, here you can fill in details about class/time, professor, and room no. The class schedule contains 2 pages for each semester.

    Class Schedule

    Don’t have time to download it now, pin this image and come back later!

    Student Planner 2022-2023

    How to Print Student Planner 2022-2023 Templates?

    I have kept the A5 (5.8″X8.3″) size of these academic planners, and I suggest you use a bit of heavy paper so that ink doesn’t spread on them.

    You can take these planner pages to the stationery shop and get them printed and put them in the binder or if you want to print them at home then it would be a much more convenient and economical solution.

    Before printing them out, here are some (terms of use) to follow

    • All planner templates are meant for personal use only
    • You are not allowed to alter, manipulate or edit these planners
    • All planner templates are free to use with instant download



    I hope you like this edition of Student planner 2022-2023. If you feel more can be added to this planner then you can let me know in the comment section. Any recommendation would be appreciated.

    Happy Planning!

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    Martha is the face behind the blog calenedarkart, a working professional and mother of one cute baby boy. It all started in late 2018 when I found the value of planning printables I really started to make significant progress on my bigger goals. Now I want to help you do the same. I usually design planning printables like calendars, planners, and planning templates. The designs are minimalist, helpful, and cute. I am sure you will love using them.