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Here are free printable weekly planner templates to help you achieve your weekly goals. You will find 28 powerful and practical weekly planning pages saved in pdf files, some files are editable (typeable) pdf formats. You can fill in notes reminders and goals, priorities tasks, etc. right on your device and print.

All weekly planner templates are instantly downloadable with a single click, no sign-up is required. I hope you will love them!

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  • Weekly Planner Templates – 28 Pages
  • Downloading Instructions
  • Weekly Planner Organization Tips
  • In Conclusion

Printable Weekly Planners: All Practical Templates

Here are all weekly planning templates in vertical and horizontal orientations with sections like goals, notes, must do, to do, appointments, etc. You will also find templates in hourly and 15 minutes slots for appointment purposes with monthly calendars.

Vertical Layout Weekly Planner Templates

Weekly templates in vertical/portrait layout with goal setting, checklist, to-do, hourly planning, appointments, 2-page spread, 2-week planning, planning with monthly calendars 2021, school planner.

  • Elegant weekly schedule planner
  • Planner with goal setting
  • Weekly planner with 1 hour slot
  • Weekly to do list
  • 2-weeks planning template
  • Weekly Planner with must do
  • Weekly checklist template
  • Weekly events & appointements planner
  • Weekly school planner for kids

Elegant Week Schedule Planner

Free Weekly Planner 2020 Template

Weekly Planner with Goals Setting

Free Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner with Hourly Slots (9 am to 5pm)

Hourly Weekly Planner

Plain & Simple Week Schedule

Weekly Schedule Plain & Simple

Weekly Planner with Weekly Goals

Weekly Planner Template with Week's Goals

Weekly Plan with Notes and Goals

Weekly Plan with Goals

Weekly To Do List

Weekly To Do List vertical

2-Weeks on One Page Planner

2 Week Planner Vertical on one page

Weekly Schedule Planner Boxed

Weekly Planner in Portrait Layout

Weekly Checklist Template

Weekly Checklist Colored

Weekly Events & Appointment Planner

Vertical Weekly Schedule Planner

Weekly School Planner for Kids

Cute Weekly Planner Schedule

Weekly Planner Templates: Horizontal/Landscape Layout

Here are 8 planner templates in landscape orientation.

Weekly Appointment Planner with 15 Min Slots

2021 Appointment Calendar Template

2 Page Weekly Planner with 1 Hour Slot

Two Page Weekly Planner

Minimalist weekly templates in landscape layout in sophisticated designs.

Weekly Schedule with Goals

7 Day Planner with Weekly Goals

Week at a Glance Planner

Week at a Glance Planner

Weekly Planner Floral Design

Week Planning with Priorities

Weekly lined planner Landscape

Weekly Planner Printable 2021

Weekly Planner with to Notes Section

Plain Weekly Planner with with No Marking

Minimalist Weekly Planner Template

5 Day Planning Template

Boxed Weekly Planner with Notes

Cute Weekly Colored Planner

cute Weekly Planner

2 Weeks Planning Template

2 Week Planner per page Horizontal

That’s all for weekly planners folks! Please check our other free templates.

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Weekly Schedules 2022

Weekly Calendar 2022

Weekly Calendar 2022

Printable Weekly Calendar 2022 with Holidays

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January to March 2022 Calendar with Notes

Blank Calendars 2022

Blank Calendar 2022 with Holidays Landscape

Blank Calendars (Undated)

Yearly Blank Calendar List View

Theme based Calendars

December 2021 Calendar Christmas Day

2 – Page Monthly

2 Page Monthly Planner

Bi-Monthly Calendars

Printable Bi-monthly calendars 2022

2022 Calendars with Holidays

2022 Calendar with US Holidays

Downloading Instructions:

Downloading from calendarkart is super easy! All printables available on this site are absolutely free and can be accessed without sign-up or registration.

PDF templates could be edited online as you may fill in your notes, reminders, goals, and any useful information, right on your device. You just need to point your cursor on fillable boxes and start typing.

If you encounter any difficulty while downloading them, please leave a message in the comment section below.

How to Organize Your Weekly Planner?

The planner templates act as a reminder that allows every individual to track the progress of the goals. The planner helps the individual to remain focused throughout. Weekly challenges are like mini-challenges that help the individual to make really small targets and achieve them from time to time.

There are several ways to organize a planner, below are given some useful tips to organize your planner in a more efficient manner.

Keep bookmarks:

Bookmarks are a great way of keeping notes of important pages so that one does not miss out on the important things written down. When a lot of data is written in the planner, it becomes important to prioritize things amongst all the data written. Bookmarks are the way to help the users to prioritize important tasks and events and never miss out on anything important.

Make sub-sections:

Divide your tasks into sub-sections. This will help in clearly defining the goals. Once you divide your goals into sub-sections it makes it easier to work in an organized manner. This also avoids confusion and helps to work systematically.

Make Your Weekly Planner Template Attractive:

A weekly planner is generally blank which checkmates which allows the user to tick as and when required. But, who does not like the color in their lives? Use a considerate number of colors and sticky notes to make your weekly planner template cute and presentable. One should always feel excited to write and read their planners.

What to Include in Your Planner?


Each individual has several goals and aspirations. However, until we write our goals and clearly define them. Writing the goals in your planner makes the path crystal clear and then the entire focus is on achieving the target.


Budgeting is an art. Not everyone can be artistic. Overspending is a very important characteristic trade that all of us suffer from. However, it is very important to note the amount of money we spend throughout the day or week. Hence, a proper budget should be made which helps you analyze your expenditure. This way the individual will know if he or she has spent on events that were not necessary and can avoid spending on them in the future. Regularly maintaining a budget helps you keep control of your expenditure. Budgeting also helps you pay all the bills on time without any delay and saves you from penalties.


Weekly planner templates act as a combination of reminders and a reality check. They help the individuals to keep moving to and fro from one side to the other. They keep reminding the individual to finish off their scheduled tasks and the to-do list and at the end of each week. Notice any loopholes, analyze the reason for the loopholes, and work hard to overcome them next time.

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