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Christmas Day

Christmas is undoubtedly the most wonderful time of the year, it is a festival that is the most awaited one! Not just the children, but also the elders eagerly expect the arrival of this day! The whole aura worldwide is just unmatchable and highly positive during the prevalence of this festivity.

When is Christmas Day in 2020?

Christmas Day: Wednesday, 25 December 2020

Have you ever thought, about how many of those celebrating this day are aware of its significance? We would love to let you know everything about this delightful celebration.

Have a look at the below-mentioned information about Christmas Day that we have gathered for you:

What is Christmas Day?

Christmas Day is counted amongst the highly festive Christian holidays in the majority of the countries. It falls on December 25 and is celebrated because it is marked as the birth date of Jesus Christ.

The name ‘Christmas’ has been derived from ‘Cristes maesse’ which means ‘the mass of Christ’.

During the celebration of Christmas Day, varied cultures such as West Asian, Christian, Teutonic, Roman, and Celtic organize the customs.

This day is referred to as the most important day of the year and is a religious holiday for both Christians & non-Christians in many areas.

What is the history of Christmas Day?

  • Every year, Christmas Day is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Jesus, but still, many researchers claim that Jesus’s birth date is still not defined.
  • Originally, Christmas was named Yule in England which meant mid-winter.
  • However, when the Saxons decided to transform into Christianity, yule’s meaning was changed to the birthday of Jesus.
  • It is entailed that until the 11th century, the word Christmas was not at all used.
  • The modern Christmas came into being in the 19th Majority of the things that are used during this festivity were invented during the 19th century.
  • Before the start of the 19th century, people used to prepare for Christmas and decorate their homes with mistletoe, holly as well as ivy.
  • During the 19th century, the usage of colored paper decorations started.

Who was Santa Claus?

Santa Claus is called by different names! Some call him Saint Nicholas, while others refer to him as Kris Kringle and Father Christmas too.

This figure is known to be the one who brings gifts, especially to those children who are well-behaved. He comes up during the night of Christmas Eve or during the early morning of 25th December.

In different countries, people get to hear different stories about who exactly is Santa Claus! The mystery remains unsolved till now.

Many say that he is Saint Nicholas who was a 4th century Myra’s Christian bishop. He was known for his generosity since he used to provide gifts to the poor.

Father Christmas and Santa Claus- WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?

People often confuse Father Christmas and Santa Claus and it has to be noted that these two figures are completely different. Father Christmas is the most prominent term used all across the world, especially in England. It is referred to as a man who wears a green colored dress and feasts with the families during Christmas. He is not known for bringing gifts.

On the other hand, Santa’s scenario is completely different from Father Christmas. He is not recognized for having meals with the families and enjoying them. Instead, he is the one who provides gifts to well-behaved children during Christmas eve!


Christmas Day is celebrated with utmost zeal as well as enthusiasm by a huge chunk of the population all across the globe. Its celebrations start on 24th December and continue till 26th December.

  • 24th December: Christmas Eve
  • 25th December: Christmas Day
  • 26th December: Boxing Day

Since it is considered to be the birth date of the Son of God i.e. Jesus Christ, people head towards the church and pray while lighting up the candles. It is said that Christmas celebrations take place in more than 160 countries.

People indulge in the activity of decorating their homes, offices and other places with Christmas trees as well as colorful lights. They sing varied Christmas carols, prepare feasts, invite each other, and enjoy at the utmost.

The majority of the importance is provided to the children since they are facilitated with many presents.

They are told about Santa Claus who will bring a plethora of gifts for them right below the massive Christmas Tree.

Interesting facts

Christmas Day is a very interesting festival and there are many interesting facts associated with it. Have a look at them below:

  • Not only Santa Claus but there are many other figures famous on Christmas Day. These are Father Christmas, Christkind, and Saint Nicholas too.
  • This holiday was not called ‘Christmas’ by the Anglo- Saxons. Instead, they were referred to as ‘midwinter’ or ‘nativity’.
  • Edward Johnson is the name behind the invention of Christmas lights in 1882.
  • The letter X in the word ‘Xmas’ refers to Christ. It serves as a Greek abbreviation for the same.
  • Mentioning about the businesses, Christmas is known as the most profitable festival for them.
  • The snowmen are also built during this festivity and the biggest snowman was built in Maine. It had a height of 113 ft.
  • Nowadays, Turkey serves as the most common feast during Christmas in England. But, before that mustard and a pig’s head were served.
  • Santa Claus is called by different names in different destinations. Germans call him Santa Kriss Kringle, Italians call him Le Befana and the French call him Pere Noel.


Christmas has been a very exciting and delightful festivity every year! It is a great day to mark your wishes, meet your loved ones and spend a good time. The above-mentioned information has each and every important pointer about Christmas Day. It stands as a quite significant one since while celebrating this festivity, you must be aware of the same. This interesting event has been waited by a good number of people all across the globe.