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Columbus Day 2022

Want to know, when is Columbus Day? Below is given the list for Columbus day, a federal holiday celebrated in the United States from the year 2019 to 2025.

This Year in 2022 Columbus Day is going to celebrate on the 10th of October 2022, Monday. You may find other holiday information in our blog such as Halloween is round the corner.

Columbus Day is renowned as one of the most important days in the US. It prominently marks the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas. It is observed as a public holiday and falls on the second Monday of October every year! Get to know more about this occasion in the important information about the day showcased in this write-up! Read on to know more:

Columbus Day in 2022 and beyond

Columbus Day 201914 October, 2019Monday
Columbus Day 202012 October, 2020Monday
Columbus Day 2021 11 October, 2021 Monday
Columbus Day 2022 10 October, 2022 Monday
Columbus Day 2023 09 October, 2023 Monday
Columbus Day 2024 14 October, 2024 Monday
Columbus Day 2025 13 October, 2025 Monday

About Columbus Day:

As the name suggests, the story of Columbus Day revolves around the very prominent Christopher Columbus.

It is said that this holiday marks the exact time when Christopher Columbus was known to keep his foot in the Americas. It is entailed that the day is counted amongst the 10 U.S. legal federal holidays. Also, there would be no operating of postal services during this day.


Columbus Day has been taking space in the U.S. since the year 1492. Thus, it is hailing with a history worthy of being known. Also, it is undoubtedly interesting to gain some information about this occasion.

The European exploration & the colonization scenario of the Americas started with the voyage belonging to Columbus. As notified, he was not able to reach mainland America till the time his third voyage was developed in 1498. Still, the first voyage of 1492 holds the highest importance.

It is said that the origin of Columbus Day could be traced back to 1869, for celebrating the Italian-American heritage in San Francisco. Later on, in 1907 it has seen it was seen as being celebrated state-wide in Colorado.

The U.S started taking it as a holiday right from 1937. The date of the second Monday of October was provided in 1971. There are a good number of myths and contradictory statements associated with the day. Many have a different story to tell!

Who was Christopher Columbus?

Christopher Columbus was a very renowned Italian explorer who was also a navigator as well as a colonist. He reserved his name in history by completing four voyages traveling across the Atlantic Ocean.

He has also been known for leading the varied European expeditions to Central America, the Caribbean as well as South America.

This personality discovered the sailing route toward the Americas.

His birth date is not specified but as per the records, he was born somewhere before 31st October 1451 and died on 20th May 1506.

How is Columbus Day celebrated?

The majority of the cities in America celebrate the day by observing a federal holiday during the second Monday of October.

During this day, post offices, banks, and government offices are closed! However, the largest celebration has been witnessed in New York City. Here, you can see a huge parade organized intending to honor Christopher Columbus.

Especially Italian American countries celebrate the day with utmost pride, zeal, and enthusiasm.

Since it is a federal holiday, some of the banks would be working while others would be closed.

Puerto Rico celebrates the ‘discover of the Island by Columbus’ on November 19th by declaring it a public holiday.

interesting facts:

  • The Italian explorer Christopher Columbus was bored in Genoa in 1451. It is said that he began a journey via sailing at an age of 15 years.
  • While he was intending to sail, the city of Palos wholeheartedly facilitated him with three ships.
  • These three ships were named Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.
  • The crew that he was accompanied by consisted of 90 men.
  • Till now, the place where Columbus’s commemoration was done stands unknown. This is because he was reburied many times.
  • Columbus Day was ultimately declared a national holiday by President Roosevelt in 1934.
  • Some destinations such as Alaska, Hawai, and South Dakota are not familiar with Columbus Day.
  • The largest parade is known to be the one in New York.
  • Christopher Columbus was able to make it up to the New World thrice through the voyage.
  • He took his last breath at the age of 55 years, in 1506. This was two years after the conclusion of his trip to the New World.

Different names of Columbus Day:

The anniversary of Christopher Columbus is celebrated by a good number of countries in the New World. Hever, each one of them calls this event a different name. Here are a few names the day is recognized with. Have a look:

  • United States              –                        Columbus Day
  • Latin America              –                        Día de la Raza
  • Bahamas                      –                        Discovery Day
  • Spain                             –                       Día de la Hispanidad/ Fiesta Nacional
  • Argentina                     –                        Día del Respeto a la Diversidad Cultural
  • Belize                            –                        Day of the Americas
  • Uruguay                       –                        Día de las Américas

Why are Columbus Day’s celebrations controversial?

While discussing Columbus Day, you would come across many predictions, myths, and controversial statements about it. This is because, with the onset and settlement of Europeans, there were many deaths in locales! Many say that this happened due to the varied actions of Columbus. Some people also argue that Columbus is not worthy of being honored since he never came to any place as far as mainland America! Instead, he only went to the Caribbean islands.

Federal Holiday List 2022

New Year’s Day1 January 2022Saturday
Martin Luther King Jr. Day17 January 2022Monday
Presidents’ Day 21 February 2022 Monday
Memorial Day 30 May 2022 Monday
Juneteenth 19 June 2022 Sunday
Juneteenth (observed)20 June 2022 Monday
Independence Day4 July 2022Monday
Labor Day5 September 2022Monday
Columbus day10 October 2022Monday
Veterans’ Day11 November 2022Friday
Thanksgiving24 November 2022Thursday
Christmas25 December 2022Sunday
Christmas (observed)26 December 2022Monday


Columbus Day is remembered as the best occasion that is massively celebrated in different locations, especially in America. Each one of them is accompanied by a distinct way of observing the importance of this day.

This celebration has huge importance and so, it is named in the list of top U.S. federal holidays. However, still, it has many contradictory statements against it.

Despite that, many countries organize large parades on this occasion! Varied schools, colleges, banks, and other stores are closed during Columbus Day. There are many other states which are not into the celebrations of Columbus Day. These include Hawaii, South Dakota, Oregon, Vermont as well as Alaska.