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    Memorial Day which was previously known as Decoration Day is considered to be a federal holiday in the states. The day is primarily celebrated as a federal holiday in the United States. Immemorial day is observed on the last Monday of May every year. However, from 1868 to 1970 it was observed on 30th May. It is also considered as the unofficial beginning of the summer holidays.

    Memorial Day 2020
    Happy Memorial Day 2020

    Memorial Day from 2020 to 2025

    Memorial Day 2019 27 May 2019 Monday
    Memorial Day 2020 25 May 2020 Monday
    Memorial Day 2021 31 May 2021 Monday
    Memorial Day 2022 30 May 2022 Monday
    Memorial Day 2023 29 May 2023 Monday
    Memorial Day 2024 27 May 2024 Monday
    Memorial Day 2025 26 May 2025 Monday

    This day is considered a very important day as the nation remembers the individuals who gave up their lives in order to serve the country.

    On this individual who was a part of the nation’s armed forces and died are honored and remembered. On this day, people add a memorable day profile frame from their camera using the effects to change their profile pictures to give due respect to those brave individuals.

    Memorial Day is generally considered to be the official start of Summers in the state. Along with labor day, two other days are also celebrated to pay tribute to the soldiers, which are:

    1. Armed Forces Day: It is celebrated in May to celebrate and honor the current individuals who are serving the U.S. army. 

    2. Veterans Day: This day celebrates the services of all the veterans. 

    memorial Day Celebration

    People generally visit memorials on Memorial Day to honor who died in the military service. Tons of volunteers are appointed to place the country’s flag on each and every grave during the national ceremonies.

    On this day, the country feels proud and is overwhelmed with its citizens. The flag raised high of their country with hearts felt with utmost gratitude and pride for those soldiers and the families of those soldiers who have given everything to the country.

    There is a major chunk of people who visit cemeteries and memorials on the very day. They particularly pay the tribute to honor the military servants who gave up their lives to protect the country. One can also locate a number of volunteers placing the American flag on every grave in the national cemeteries. 

    Memorial Day History  

    It was in 1865 April, that when Lincoln’s assassination had taken place. There were about 6,00,000+ soldiers of the two sides who had lost their lives in this civil war. This war meant that memorialization and burial had taken on the brand-new significance of culture. It was the reign of woman’s leadership when the actual practice of decorating graves started taking place. In the year 1865, the federal government of the US started to create many United States National Cemetery systems for the era of Union war. 

    By the time of the 1880s, there were a number of ceremonies that started taking place in the US, and across many other geographies. It was this time that the government actually provided them with handbooks which consist of special procedures m, Bible, poems, etc 

    On the Memorial Day, there used to be a witness of the posts marching towards local cemeteries to decorate the graves of fallen, this is a special enterprise that has been primarily built and organized way months back to make a note of any missed people. Then there comes a simple graveyard that involves multiple or prayers, short speeches, or music.  This day is regarded as an important day in the United States as is celebrated across the country.


    Memorial Day is considered to be a holiday, and business houses take it very seriously because it is a big day in the history of the US and this day also marks as the unofficial start to summers. On this day, the United States flag is raised above the top of the staff, and then slowly the flag is lowered to half position.

    It stays in that position until noon. For the remaining time, the flag is raised to the full staff. The concert of National Memorial Day takes place each year on the west lawn of the United States Capitol. This concert is even broadcasted on several platforms such as NPR and PBS. Music is played in the background to pay tribute and respect to those who have served the US army and shed their lives for the country. 

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