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Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day every year is celebrated in the US and in many of the countries on the 2nd Sunday of the month of May. 

    Mother's Day 2020
    Mother’s Day 2020 Picture

    When is Mother’s Day in 2020?

    Mother’s Day 2019 12 May 2019 Sunday
    Mother’s Day 2020 10 May 2020 Sunday
    Mother’s Day 2021 09 May 2021 Sunday
    Mother’s Day 2022 08 May 2022 Sunday
    Mother’s Day 2023 14 May 2023 Sunday
    Mother’s Day 2024 12 May 2024 Sunday
    Mother’s Day 2025 11 May 2025 Sunday


    Mother’s Day is a renowned celebration that takes place in the entire world and is the day to honor the mothers of the family. It is a day where we celebrate maternal bonds, motherhood and the influence of the presence of mothers in the society. 


    Mother’s Day had actually begun in the states. This was an initiative that was taken by Anna Jarvis in the 20th century. Many countries have adopted the day as their culture and marked it as a holiday. The day in different countries is associated with different meanings and events such as legendary, religious or historical, etc. The incarnation of the American Mother’s Day was actually created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and it was in 1914 that it became the official holiday. Anna Jarvis spent a huge chunk of her life trying to remove the day from the calendar. 

     The celebration of this day can be dated back to the times of ancient Greeks and Romans, who used to hold festivals in the honor of Cybele & Rhea, the mother goddesses. However, the modern precedent for this day is the very early Christmas festival which is known as the ‘Mothering Sunday’. 

     It was over the years that the concept of ‘Mothering Sunday’, shifted itself into an altogether new secular holiday. This would be the day when children went out of the way to buy their mother something special 


     There are a few countries that have an existing way of celebrating the day by honoring their mothers. With time, the celebration has adopted a number of factors (External) from the holidays of the US. The way the day is celebrated does vary significantly. However, in other countries, it is a less known festival which is mainly celebrated by the country immigrants. Many times, the festival is covered by media to add a foreign culture. 

    Each and every country, religion or person has his or her own way of celebration. There are a few people who prefer giving cards, gifts or flowers to their mothers. However, there is another set of people who prefer taking their mother to dine out and spend some quality time with her that day.

    There are families in regions in which they sit together and sing songs and dance, along with eating a large feast as a part of the honoring celebration of motherhood. Today, in US mother’s day is considered to be one of the biggest holidays for the spending of the consumers. There are families on the other hand, which give their ladies a day off from work and take up all the work on their shoulders right from cooking to cleaning. 

     Mother’s day is considered to be the busiest and the most happening day for all the restaurants in the US. At the end of the day, the aim of the day is to thank your mother for each and everything she has done for you right from your childhood and make her feel extremely special on that day.

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     Interesting facts

     1. On this day approximately 162 million greeting cards are actually sent out, which makes it the third-largest card-sending holiday in the whole world. 

     2. Approximately, one-quarter flowers of all the flowers purchased throughout the year are bought on this day. 

     3. In most languages across the globe, in different languages and nations, the word mother starts with the letter ‘M’. 

     4. In the US, a total of 122 million phone calls are made to mothers on this day. 

     5. Every year around, $14 billion dollars is spent on the day. 

     6. The Egyptians earlier used to believe that Cats are extremely scared anima’s and are reversed as ‘Bast’, which is considered to be the mother of all the other cats. 


    Overall, mother’s day is considered to be a very special occasion across the world and is celebrated with full zeal and fun. 

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