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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day comes With a large number of lined-up festivals and celebrations. Right after the Halloween craze is over, families start preparing for Thanksgiving. It brings families together on this one day where they eat, chit-chat, and celebrate together.

Thanksgiving Day in 2020 and beyond

Thanksgiving Day 2019 28 November 2019 Thursday
Thanksgiving Day 2020 26 November 2020 Thursday
Thanksgiving Day 2021 25 November 2021 Thursday
Thanksgiving Day 2022 24 November 2022 Thursday
Thanksgiving Day 2023 23 November 2023 Thursday
Thanksgiving Day 2024 28 November 2024 Thursday
Thanksgiving Day 2025 27 November 2025 Thursday

But all this comes to a question, do we know why do people actually celebrate Thanksgiving Day? Let’s fill up our knowledge tanks and prepare to celebrate this day with authenticity and its true essence of it.

Going back to how it started:

Thanksgiving originated in native America, where people used to gather together during the harvest festival and extend their gratitude to God for the harvest and the blessings they received throughout the year.

The authentic historic story says:

  • A sailing vessel, called Mayflower carrying 102 pilgrims, crossed the Atlantic. It was a very rough ride as the sea storm and the waves did not support much. To their relief, the pilgrims comforted themselves by singing and diverting their attention.
  • Reaching their final destination, Virginia had become a tough deal due to constant bad weather. After 66 days they arrived at Plymouth with 46 dead pilgrims on board who could not fight the cold weather.
  • The survivors then learned how to grow food with the help of a Native Indian, but could not succeed due to the region being affected by a severe drought. Later, each one of them decided to opt to fast and pray to the almighty for a healthy harvest.
  • Their prayers were answered and crops like corn, beans, and pumpkins flourished.
  • A 3-day feast was organized to pay the regard to the Almighty for whatever they gave, then following every year, it became a tradition and was celebrated with glee.
  • On being declared a National Holiday, Thanksgiving gave relief to the American Workers from their daily jobs.

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?

The 4th Thursday of the month of November is observed as Thanksgiving day. Right after this, comes the Black Friday, altogether bringing the joy of celebration and shopping. Thanksgiving ends with beginning the mark of Christmas shopping and preparations.

How are famished tummies filled on Thanksgiving?

“We want Turkey, we want Turkey”, is the most common dialogue we hear every year in everyone’s house.


Thanksgiving was originally observed in November month. After being declared a holiday by Abraham Lincoln, it was marked as the last Thursday of the month. But President Roosevelt moved it to the 3rd Thursday of the month to extend the Christmas shopping time.

Later Congress passed the law, stating the Annual National Holiday to be observed on the 4th Thursday of November.