Veterans Day

Veterans Day has great importance, The U.S. has always been a hub acting as a sheath to many important dates and occasions all around the year. Many people confuse this day with Memorial Day, but it has to be noted that they are different.

Veterans Day 2020

When is Veterans Day?

Veterans Day: Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Both of these events are observed on different days thus, you should not consider them the same. The majority of the people are still not introduced to the intention, history, and importance of Veterans Day. Here, you will be informed a lot about this significant event in the finest possible way.

about Veterans Day

Veterans Day is also named Armistice Day by many. It is observed every year on November 11. This federal holiday is meant to pay homage and remember the military veterans. Not only the dead, but the day also pays respect to the living American veterans for giving their time to the country’s peace maintenance.

When this day is observed in the U.S., other countries are busy celebrating the anniversary of World War I’s conclusion. They honor the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” marking the end of the war. This day is known as Armistice Day in some regions, while others call it Remembrance Day. Veterans Day is celebrated with the intention of honoring the patriotism and the willingness to serve, the veterans were hailing with!

What is the history of Veterans Day?

  • It was during the year 1954 when the name of Armistice Day was changed to Veterans Day by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
  • The celebration of the Veterans Day was on the fourth Monday in October as a result of the Uniform Holidays Bill’s passing by Congress. This came into being in 1971.
  • Later on, during the year 1975, Gerald Ford transformed the date and moved it to November. This was done keeping the date’s historical significance in mind.
  • When Veterans Day is observed, the veterans belonging to all wars are commemorated.

What are the traditions during Veterans Day?

The event of Veterans Day National Ceremony is held every year on November 11 at Arlington National Cemetery. This site stands as the center for organizing this day! It commences right from 11 a.m. and is extended for several hours. The President or any of his representatives lay the presidential wreath the moment bugler sounds ‘’Taps’’. It is done at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Once this activity is concluded, the ceremony continues to prevail inside the Memorial Amphitheater. A parade of flags takes place there which constitutes of the members from the Armed Forces. The people thank and also celebrate each and every army person who had served or is serving the U.S. Armed forces.

The National Anthem, as well as the pledge of Allegiance, are witnessed during the ceremony. Also, a band or choral group sings patriotic songs with the intention of honoring the veterans. The program also experiences a moment of silence for being a part of the somber remembrance anytime during the whole program.

There are many parades and other church services in varied places. Also, there is an existence of some areas where the American flag is hung! The majority of the schools are closed during this day. But others that do not close are indulged in the special assemblies and other miscellaneous activities in the school.

The day falls on November 11, and just in case it is a weekday the celebrations are done during the weekends. This is because the people from varied communities save their time to attend the events during this day. The offices belonging to the Federal Government are closed on Veterans Day. If this day is observed on Saturday, the offices would be declared closed on November 10 too! If it falls on Sunday, Monday i.e. 12th November will be an off for the people.

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fun facts:

Veterans Day is connected with an engaging history. There are many people who are still not familiar with some of the facts related to Veterans Day. This day is linked with some interesting facts. Have a look at the same below:

  • Out of all the veterans serving the US Army, 2 million are women.
  • At the time of the Korean War, there were at least 2 million veterans who were its part.
  • An annual memorial service is organized by the Arlington National Cemetery during Memorial Day as well as Veterans Day.
  • The Arlington National Cemetery contains the graves of more than 400,000 military persons. 
  • In regions of Europe, Great Britain, and varied Commonwealth countries, two minutes of silence is observed on this day.
  • In Great Britain, Canada, France, and Australia, the veterans belonging to World War I and II are commemorated on November 11 or any other day near it.
  • The people of Britain observe it as Remembrance Sunday (during every second Sunday of November). On the other hand, Canada considers it Remembrance Day.
  • In Alabama, the National Veterans Award was created during the year 1954.
  • Presently, there are 24 million people prevalent!
  • The United States observes Veterans Day as both states as well as federal holidays.
  • All across the U.S., there are many parades as well as speeches organized during Veterans Day.


The brave men and women who have served the country and gave it peacetime are worthy of being honored. Intending to be a part of the same activity, a good number of people in the U.S. gather and pay homage to these veterans. The whole day is dedicated to them. From here, the event has derived the name ‘Veterans Day’ i.e. a day remembering the military people. Presently, millions of veterans are present in the United States Army. It is quite noteworthy that more than 9 million out of these have the age of 65. Thank these saviors personally while attending the varied ceremonies held at the Arlington National Cemetery.

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