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Martha Victor | About Me

Hello Readers!

Martha Victor - Author CalendarKart

I am Martha, the owner, and creator of the blog I am a proud mother of one cute munchkin and a postgraduate in business administration, had worked with a reputed IT company.

In my last ten years of work experience, I’ve encountered multiple organizational and time management challenges. No matter how many Excel sheets I made, I couldn’t keep tabs on everything.

Sometimes I had a complete overview of my business appointments but forgot to buy groceries for dinner. It sounds satirical, but raising a son and managing all life chores can be tricky at times. Plus, the issue is common among working professionals. From waking up, running to the office, piling data sheets, and developing business plans to finally coming exhausted at night, we hardly have the energy to lay out tomorrow’s plans.

Mission statement

Now, I’m not just your average mom – I’m a productivity enthusiast on a mission to share the magic of planning with you. In this bustling digital age, where time slips through our fingers like sand, mastering the art of productivity has become a survival skill.

In my entire career of 10 years, I’ve found that creating a well-thought-out plan keeps me accountable and ensures I allocate time for self-care amidst official and personal duties.

A well-structured schedule is a game-changer and now I want you to be the master of the productivity game, whether you are a mom playing multiple roles or a student who wants to excel in study.

So, dear readers! We’re embarking on a journey together – a journey of planning, scheduling, and unlocking the true potential of productivity in our daily lives.

About CalendarKart

In 2017, I started this blog CalendarKart with the help of my loving husband. CalendarKart is your go-to source for all things productivity! In a world buzzing with constant distractions and demands, we understand the importance of making the most out of every moment.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a student juggling multiple responsibilities, or someone simply looking to optimize their daily routine, our productivity blog is here to guide you on your journey to efficiency and success.

If you encounter any trouble or difficulty while using this blog, specifically printing or downloading our printables, please reach us at

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