Free Printable Weekly Planner Templates

Here are free printable weekly planner templates to help you achieve your weekly goals. You will find 20+ powerful and practical weekly planning pages saved in pdf, word, and excel formats, some planners are editable (typeable) pdf formats.

You may also look for our daily and monthly planner templates which we keep updated on a regular basis.

Downloading instructions: Super smooth downloading, instant downloadable files (pdf, word, excel) with a single click, link given below each image, no sign-up is required. All templates are meant to use for personal use only.

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Weekly Planner Templates with To-Do List

Below are free printable weekly schedule planners with the to-do list and other useful sections like notes, next week, weekly goals (you may set 3 weekly goals as they seem realistic), checklists, events and appointments, and student planners. All practical templates in boxed and lined sections could be chosen according to your needs.

All below templates are saved in PDFs, however, a few of them are editable pdf (templates on which you can type on). You can use these templates while filling your notes online and printing later on or you can use simply download them as they are, the choice is yours

Free Weekly Planner 2020 Template
Free Weekly Planner
Weekly To Do List vertical
Printable Weekly Planner Style 5
Weekly Planner Template with Week's Goals
Printable Weekly Planner Style 3

Weekly Planner Style 4

Printable Weekly Planner Style 1
Printable Weekly Planner Style 2
Cute Weekly Planner Schedule
Weekly Planner with Reminders
Cute Week Planner Schedule
Weekly Planner Style 6

Weekly Planner Style 10

Weekly Schedule Planner – Landscape Layout

Weekly Planner Printable 2021
Printable Weekly Planner Template
Minimalist Weekly Planner Template

Weekly Planner Style 15

Blank Weekly Calendars 2022 Templates (Dated)

Free printable weekly calendar 2022 in minimalist designs (all 52 weeks covered) from horizontal orientations. Simple and to the point practical designs in lined and box style layout.

Weekly Calendar 2022
Printable Weekly Calendar 2022 with Holidays
Weekly Calendar 2022 Template

Week Planning All-Purpose Templates (Vertical)

Single column weekly schedules (Sun to Sat) blank templates in black & white, and color could be used to perform multipurpose tasks. They can be perfectly used for jotting down detailed information about any specific tasks.

2- Columns Weekly planning multipurpose templates

Weekly schedule in two columns templates, designs are the same as above but with 2 columns. As the templates are split into two sections from the middle, you can use both columns for separate activities.

How to create a calendar in MS word from scratch?

Weekly Planner All-Purpose Templates (Horizontal)

Minimalist weekly calendar printable templates in landscape layout in sophisticated designs. 7-day planner, all-purpose templates for multipurpose usages. Templates can be found in the word, excel, and pdf formats.

That’s all for weekly planners folks! Please check our other free templates.

Weekly Hourly Planners

Here you may find a weekly hourly schedule with appointment slots for 15 minutes, 2-page hourly template, and a weekly planner schedule from 9 am to 5 pm slot.

More calendar templates:

Blank Calendars 2022

Blank Calendar 2022 with Holidays Landscape

Blank Calendars (Undated)

Yearly Blank Calendar List View

2 – Page Monthly

2 Page Monthly Planner

Bi-Monthly Calendars

Printable Bi-monthly calendars 2022

2022 Calendars

2022 Calendar with US Holidays

How to Organize Your Weekly Planner?

The planner templates act as a reminder that allows every individual to track the progress of the goals. The planner helps the planner templates act as a reminder that allows every individual to track the progress of the goals. The planner helps the individual to remain focused throughout. Weekly challenges are like mini-challenges that help the individual to make really small targets and achieve them from time to time. That’s why a free printable weekly calendar with time slots is an ideal option.

There are several ways to organize a weekly calendar template printable planner, below are given some useful tips to organize your planner in a more efficient manner.

Keep bookmarks:

Bookmarks are a great way of keeping notes of important pages so that one does not miss out on the important things written down. When a lot of data is written in the planner, it becomes important to prioritize things amongst all the data written. Bookmarks are a way to help the users to prioritize important tasks and events and never miss out on anything important.

Make sub-sections:

Divide your tasks into sub-sections. This will help in clearly defining the goals. Once you divide your goals into sub-sections it makes it easier to work in an organized manner. This also avoids confusion and helps to work systematically.

Make Your Weekly Planner Template Attractive:

A weekly planner is generally blank which checkmates which allow the user to tick as and when required. But, who does not like the color in their lives? Use a considerate number of colors and sticky notes to make your weekly planner template cute and presentable. One should always feel excited to write and read their planners.

What to Include in Your Planner?


Each individual has several goals and aspirations. However, until we write our goals and clearly define them. Writing the goals in your planner makes the path crystal clear and then the entire focus is on achieving the target.


Budgeting is an art. Not everyone can be artistic. Overspending is a very important characteristic trade that all of us suffer from. However, it is very important to note the amount of money we spend throughout the day or week. Hence, a proper budget should be made which helps you analyze your expenditure. This way the individual will know if he or she has spent on events that were not necessary and can avoid spending on them in the future. Regularly maintaining a budget helps you keep control of your expenditure. Budgeting also helps you pay all the bills on time without any delay and saves you from penalties.


A small note of things you want to remember is a simple and traditional method, which can not be faded away with any high application. keep it simple, just write a line or paragraph in your planner and tick off as it accomplishes.

Meal Plan:

Meal planning is the practice to manage your food portion without being overwhelmed while purchasing or cooking food. Infuse your weekly meal planning in a planner to help you to track your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking habits.

Water intake:

Water tracking helps you to check the amount of water intake during a week or day. If you are facing a dehydration problem, incorporating water tracking in your planner is an easy way, where you can tick off when you drink a water glass.

Gratitude List:

Gratitude is a way to be thankful to the people who bring a smile to your face. Big things to be grateful for like your home, parents, children, friends, and colleagues.

Motivational Quotes:

In the fast-paced life today, everybody needs motivation and I have noticed, they actually work. Whenever you feel low, some wise words of motivation help us to get energized and up.

Mood Tracker:

Tracking your mood could be easy while writing in your planner and urge you to take effective steps to improve your overall health and well-being.


Weekly planner templates act as a combination of reminders and a reality check. They help the individuals to keep moving to and fro from one side to the other. They keep reminding the individual to finish off their scheduled tasks and the to-do list at the end of each week. Notice any loopholes, analyze the reason for the loopholes, and work hard to overcome them next time.

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