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Free Printable Year At A Glance Calendar 2024

Welcome to Calendarkart – Your ultimate destination for organization and planning! Let’s dive into a world of efficiency with our best 2024 calendar printable. Whether you’re a fan of simplicity or crave a touch of flair, we have a range of styles designed to cater to your every mood.

From straightforward portrait views to wider landscape styles, each calendar is meticulously crafted to provide a clear, comprehensive view of your year at just a glance. Our user-friendly platform allows you to effortlessly download and print your preferred calendar, empowering you to take charge of your schedule at your own pace. These printable calendars are not just about marking dates; they’re versatile tools perfect for plotting family activities, tracking habits, and ensuring you never miss important dates or holidays.

Join the CalendarKart family and say hello to the best printable 2024 calendar! It’s the perfect time for a fresh start with our 2024 calendar, featuring all 12 months and highlighting calendars with US holidays. Our calendars are your companion for staying organized, easy to print, easy to edit, and easy on the eyes. And guess what? No need to sign up! Simply download our classic yearly calendars in different designs instantly.

Let us help you achieve your goal of being on schedule and never missing a crucial appointment or date – because everyday planning is a breeze when the days of yesterday, today, and tomorrow are right at your fingertips.


Don’t forget our calendars, including the printable version, are free for you to view, download, and print! It’s our special gift to you. Say goodbye to disorganization and confusion, as our yearly calendar 2024 template is available in both PDF and JPEG formats, offering endless possibilities.

Whether you prefer a physical copy to laminate for year-round reference, want to download and add your holidays and commitments, or fancy making it your desktop or phone background for constant reminders, our annual calendars are incredibly flexible and versatile. Get your own 2024 calendar printable and bring the ease of staying organized in your life with our downloadable 2024 calendar – it’s all about making your life simpler and more efficient!

2024 Calendar Green
Sunday start 2024 calendar landscape olive green
2024 Calendar Blue
Sunday start 2024 calendar landscape blue
2024 Calendar with Week Numbers
Sunday starts 2024 Calendar with the week number and notes section
2024 Calendar Grid Template
Sunday start 2024 Calendar with week nos

2024 YEARLY CALENDAR with holidays

Annual calendars with popular holiday overview, choose from the two designs.

2024 Calendar with Popular Holidays
Sunday start 2024 calendar landscape olive green
2024 Calendar Bank Holidays and Observances
Sunday start 2024 calendar landscape blue

year at a Glance calendar 2024 (vertical layout)

Printable 2024 Year At a Glance Calendar Orange
Sunday start calendar coral green colored
2024 Year At a Glance Calendar Orange
Sunday start calendar portrait orange colored
Printable 2024 Year At a Glance Calendar Minimalist
Sunday start boxed style minimalist calendar
2024 Year At a Glance Calendar Coral Green
Sunday start calendar portrait colored

2024 yearly planner calendar

Browse for the half-yearly or yearly planner calendar 2024, the undated yearly planner on one and two pages.

2024 Half Yearly Calendar Linear
Half-yearly planner (January to June 2024) colored
Half Yearly 2024 Calendar Linear
Half-yearly planner (July to December 2024) colored
Half Yearly 2024 Calendar with Notes Jan to Jun
6 Month calendar with notes section (January to June 2024)
Half Yearly 2024 Calendar with Notes Jul to Dec
6 Month calendar with notes section (July to December 2024)
January to June 2024 Calendar Planner
6 Month calendar planner (January to June 2024)
July to December 2024 Calendar Planner
6 Month calendar planner (July to December 2024)
2 Page Year At a Glance Planner
2 Page un-dated annual planner (Use for any year)
Undated Yearly Planner Linear
12-month one-page planner calendar (Use for any year)

Look at our straightforward blue 2024 yearly calendar – simplicity at its finest. This landscape-oriented year calendar is perfect for those who prefer a minimalistic design. Keep it simple while staying organized with this easy-to-read and clean layout.

2024 Calendar Blue


Explore our diverse collection of free printable calendars, spanning monthly calendars for 2024, and choose from monthly, weekly, bi-monthly, and quarterly options, including convenient 2-page layouts. Our printable 2024 calendar is free and editable in Word, PDF, and Excel formats, offering flexibility to suit your preferences. From monthly planning to detailed scheduling, we’ve got you covered with a range of customizable formats to make organizing your time effortlessly efficient.

2024 04 April Basic Calendar Sunday Start

April 2024 Calendars

April is here so are the printable calendars for April 2024. 10+ elegant and cute downloadable designs. Ample space for writing down notes in bigger date blocks.

2024 05 May Calendar Basic Sunday Start

May 2024 Calendars

Here are 11 designs for May 2024 calendars, instant downloading in PDF. All calendars are practically usable and have generous room for writing notes or reminders.

2024 06 June Calendar Basic Sunday Start1

June 2024 Calendars

If you like to plan things and want to stay updated with daily obligations and errands then you will surely love these minimalist June calendars.


Monthly Planner Bundle Feature Image
Printable Student Planners Feature Image
Weekly Tasks Templates Feature Image

Blank calendar templates – 20+ monthly & weekly pages

Weekly planners – 20 templates

Julian date calendar


Imagine you had a personal assistant or a great friend, who will always make you remember the targets, important dates, and appointments of the month. Wow, it feels amazing right? Of course, we can’t have an assistant and we don’t have such great friends too (at least my friends are lazy). So, think of these annual Printable Calendars as your friend or assistant which will help you by reminding you about all those important meetings and appointments you have this month. I hope you are now clear about why you need a Calendar.

Can I Print a Free 2024 Calendar?

As of now, you are familiar with why we need a calendar, it’s time to think about How to use a calendar efficiently. All the calendars I provide, have enough space around them and in the boxes to mark important dates, appointments, meetings, targets, or some reminders.

You can download and print the calendars and hang them somewhere you can look at them easily. You need to develop a habit of checking these calendars daily. Once you get into this habit, you will start enjoying the process of daily checking on important reminders and targets.

All four designs presented above are unique and practical and I hope you must have chosen your favorite template. My favorite is the yearly calendar with a green and white combination, it helps me monitor my goals and keeps motivating me, which one is yours?

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