Free Printable Year At A Glance Calendar 2021

Looking for some Free printable year at a glance calendar 2021? I have designed some cute yearly calendars in 4 different designs which you can download instantly, without signing up! Cool, Isn’t it?

Hey there, First of all, A very Happy New Year to you. We all wanted 2020 to be over so badly. So with new energy and enthusiasm, we welcome 2021 into our lives.

You have decided that this year you gonna change old habits of running late or missing out on an important schedule or forgetting about important dates and birthdays. Cheers to that! I am here to help you achieve your target. I will love to see you become a more organized person with all the schedules intact.

We have a great way for you to achieve that goal of being on schedule and never miss important appointments or dates. Yes, you guessed it right, I am providing you with a Free Printable year at a glance calendar 2021.

You may be thinking about how a calendar could help me achieve my targets of being punctual. Let me shed light on that.

Printable Annual 2021 Calendars

You may be thinking what’s so special about paper calendars and why should I download them from our site? The answer is very simple, Our beautiful calendars, help you plan your month in style. You get a wide range of designs and themes to choose from. So, you can choose according to your interest. Our designs range from Aesthetic, floral, animated, stylish, fancy, and elegant.

You can also download these calendars and set them as your desktop wallpaper, or even your mobile backgrounds.

Here is what you will get along the post:

  • 2021 Yearly Calendar with Goals
  • 2021 Yearly Calendar Landscape (Horizontal) Layout
  • 2021 Year Calendar on a page with Holidays
  • 2021 Yearly Calendar Portrait (Vertical) Layout

2021 Calendar: Yearly Printable Calendar with Goals (Design -1)

Year At A Glance Calendar 2021 With Notes

Download 2021 Yearly Printable Calendar with Notes

This is our first design for the year at a glance calendar 2021. On the right side of the calendar, you have been given space to write down your yearly goals like important dates, personal targets, company targets, your fitness goals, sales target and there could be any other goals which you have set for yourself.

This calendar has a very elegant color combination of Green and white, which makes it perfect for office use. You can download it and print it to use it on the office wall or even office tables. It will look good in the kitchen or drawing rooms too. There is a big title, and month names followed by the dates. You may right your goals caption on right and check them as they are completing. This 12-month calendar is sophisticated with a neat design.

2021 Calendar: Yearly Printable Calendars with Holidays

Year At A Glance Calendar 2021 with Holidays

Download 2021 Yearly Printable Calendar with Holidays

The calendar has a very simple and sober design with a blue and white color combination. You get a simple bold title at the top, of the year 2021. Followed by each month. The month’s name is highlighted in blue color and all the important holidays of 2021 are mentioned for you on the right side.

Here’s a little description of festivals and observances which you may be helpful for you :

2021 Holiday List

  1. Jan 01: New Year Day: Celebrated all over the world. As we say goodbye to the current year and welcome the next year with hopes and excitement.
  2. Jan 18: Martin Luther King Day: It is referred to as an American federal holiday in name of Martin Luther King Jr. Every January 3rd Monday is celebrated as a holiday in his name.
  3. Feb 15: President’s Day: Washingtons birthday is celebrated as President’s Day and is a federal holiday in the USA.
  4. Mar 17: St. Patricks Day: It is the traditional death day of St. Patrick. It is a federal as well as a cultural holiday throughout the USA.
  5. April 04: Easter: It is celebrated as the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It is a festival and holiday.
  6. May 9: Mothers Day: You better mark this date and not forget to do something special for her on this day, as she does something special for every day.
  7.  May 31: Memorial Day: It is celebrated as mourning the military personnel who sacrificed their lives for the country.
  8. June 20: Father’s Day: Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June every year in many parts of the world including the US.
  9. July 04: Independence Day: This day is a federal holiday in the United States and celebrated at the declaration of independence of the US on July 4, 1776.
  10. September 06: Labor Day: This day is celebrated in the US on the First Monday of September for the honor of American workers and their achievements.
  11. October 11: Columbus Day: Columbus Day is a national day in the United States on the occasion of Christopher Columbus’ arrival on October 12, 1492.
  12. October 31: Halloween: Halloween is celebrated every year on 31st October, today people wear ghostly costumes and light bonfires to ward off ghosts.
  13. November 11: Veterans Day: Veterans Day is a federal holiday and celebrated every year on 11th November in the honor of military personal’s for their contribution to the Armed forces.
  14. November 26: Thanksgiving: This day is celebrated in different countries including the US on different dates. Today people pay respect and thanks to the harvest and their sacrifice for the coming year.
  15. December 25: Christmas: Christmas is a yearly holiday celebrated by billions of people across the world. The day is a celebration of Jesus Christ’s birthday.
  16. December 31: New Year’s Eve: New year’s eve is the last day of the year celebrated by most of the countries on 31st December. People celebrated the last day of the year while partying with their family and friends.

And the list goes on. So this is a very helpful calendar. You must have it.

2021 Calendar: Simple Yearly Printable Calendars

2021 Calendar Landscape Layout

Download Year at a glance calendar 2021

This is a typical yearly calendar for all those people who love simple and elegant design. It comes with a big bold title 2021 on the top. Followed by the months. All the months have some blank spaces to write up important reminders or dates. You can even mark dates separately. All the weekend dates are highlighted in grey and red so that you can easily identify them. It is a very simple calendar, you can use it in your home, office, etc.

Why Do We Need a 2021 Calendar?

Imagine you had a personal assistant or a great friend, which will always make you remember about the targets, important dates, appointments of the month. Wow, it feels amazing right. Of course, we can’t have an assistant and we don’t have such great friends too (at least my friends are lazy). So, think of these 2021 Yearly Printable Calendars as your friend or assistant which will help you by reminding you about all those important meetings and appointments you have this month. I hope you are now clear about why do you need a 2021 Calendar.

Now let’s discuss.

How You Can Use a Year At a Glance Calendar 2021?

As of now, you are familiar with why we need a 2021 calendar, it’s time to think How can we use a 2021 calendar efficiently. All the calendars I provide, have enough space around them and in the boxes to mark important dates, appointments, meetings, targets, or some reminders.

You can download and then print the calendar then later mark all these on our calendars and hang them somewhere you can have a look at them easily. You just need to develop a habit of checking these calendars daily. Once you will get into this habit, you will start enjoying the process of daily checking on important reminders and targets. And never miss an important update.

I have provided download links at bottom of each calendar image, you just need to click on those links and it will automatically save the calendar on your computer. You just need to print them out and follow the process.

Hope You Found Your favorite 2021 Calendar

All four designed presented above are unique and practical and I hope you must have chosen your favorite template. My personal favorite is yearly calendar 2021 with green and white combination, it helps me monitor my yearly goals and keep motivate me, which one is yours? Please let me know in the comment section and if you have any queries or suggestions.

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