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Excel Calendar Template 2024

Welcome to Calendarkart!

Download free yearly and monthly 2024 Excel (.xlsx) calendar templates in one click. All our printable Excel blank calendars have generous space for writing reminders or notes. We have also published Word calendar templates and Editable PDF calendars, you may like to download them.

You may even edit these 2024 calendar Excel templates as per your preference. I recommend using our Word calendar 2024 and editable PDF calendars if you haven’t tried them already.

All yearly and monthly calendar planners for 2024 are saved in (.xlsx) formats for that you need the Microsoft Excel program to be preinstalled on your device.

All calendars include USA holidays and you can make your plans while concerning these holidays. We have kept the designs minimalist and sober because most people like them as they are.

Ideal use case: These calendars are ideally used as school calendars, personal calendars, official calendars, and for scheduling purposes.

Here are freshly curated 2023 Excel calendar templates. All major holidays are mentioned in the yearly and monthly calendars as well.

Editable Calendar in Excel

Save the Excel calendar to your computer and personalize it to fit your needs. Here’s how to customize your calendar:

  1. Download and Save: Save the spreadsheet on your local device.
  2. Rename: Rename the spreadsheet if you like.
  3. Open and Edit: Open the spreadsheet and type directly into the table cells to add events or favorite holidays.
  4. Font and Color: Adjust the font style or color to match your preferences.
  5. Cell Background: Add a background color to individual cells to highlight events or holidays.
  6. Borders and Shading: Use different cell borders or shading to create a unique look.
  7. Add Important Dates: Include important dates or events that are specific to you or your family.
  8. Print Preview: Use the Excel keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P to open the Print dialog and preview your calendar.
  9. Print, Save, or Email: Print, save, or email your customized Excel calendar.

2024 yearly Excel Calendar

2024 Annual Excel calendar with popular United States holidays. A simple template in .xlsx format.

2024 Yearly Excel Calendar

Download 2024 Excel Annual Calendar

2024 Monthly Excel Calendars (.XLSX)

Here are the 2024 Monthly Excel calendars with holidays from January 2024 to December 2024. Minimal template with highlighted weekends in .xlsx format.

2024 Monthly Excel Calendars

Download Monthly Excel Calendars 2024

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I hope you like these calendars in the Excel calendar template and that you have downloaded your favorite ones. If you love planning things then you will love these templates.

Happy Planning!