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Word Calendar Template 2024

Want to make 2024 a productive year? 

Use Calendarkart’s Word calendar template 2024 to turn this year into a goal-driven year. Whether you are a student or a team member, our templates and free printable calendars are the best time-management tools, ideal for all purposes. 

Designed for all tasks, you can schedule meetings, make to-do lists, add grocery shopping lists, or jot down class notes. Not only does it help you track time, but it also lets you monitor your progress. That means you get a 360-degree view of the whole week and month in one go.

Moreover, all our monthly calendars are free and available in Word (.doc), Excel, and editable PDF formats. Appropriately structured with an additional customizable option, all editable 2024 monthly calendar templates (MS Word) include USA holidays and other occasions. Easy to use, simple, minimalist designs are perfect for professional and personal purposes. 

Additionally, you can choose any font or design to create your calendar from scratch.

How to Use and Customize word Calendars?

Looking for a guide to customize or edit our free monthly Word calendar templates in Microsoft Word? Follow the instructions below.

Monthly Calendar in Word

You can save the Word calendar to your computer and personalize it as you like. Here’s how to customize your calendar:

  1. Download and Save: Save the Word file at your local device.
  2. Rename File: Change the file name if you wish.
  3. Open and Edit: Open the Word file and type directly into the table cells to add events or favorite holidays.
  4. Font and Color: Modify the font style or color to suit your taste.
  5. Cell Background: Highlight individual cells with a background color to make them stand out.
  6. Borders and Shading: Use different table cell borders or shading for a unique look.
  7. Print Preview: Use the Word keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P to open the Print dialog and preview your calendar.
  8. Print, Save, or Email: Print, save, or email your customized Word calendar.

Ideal use case: These calendars are ideally used as school calendars, personal calendars, official calendars, and for scheduling purposes.

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2024 Monthly Calendars in MS Word Format

Grab your free editable template for 2024, well in advance and start planning the way you want. All templates are editable. Please check below the article for what exactly you can do with these templates.

I hope you like these calendars in MS Word calendar template formats and that you have downloaded your favorite ones. If you love planning things then you will love these templates.

Happy Planning!