20+ Free Printable Blank Calendar Templates (Undated)

In need of blank calendar templates? Here to choose from the various free printable blank calendar pages in yearly, monthly, and weekly formats. Download in PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, and some in editable (typeable) PDFs as well. For dated blank calendars you may explore our 2022 blank templates for all months.

If you like to be productive and plan things is always your priority, then you will love these templates.

Here you may choose from the 20+ template types. All calendars have a download link under each image.

Word and Excel templates are editable and you may change start days (Monday or Sunday) and fonts etc. as per your preference.


All calendars available on calendarkart are for personal use only. I hope you will like them.

Here’s a glimpse of calendar types you will find in this post:

  • 12 Months Blank Calendars (January to December) – Undated
  • Blank Monthly Calendars – Undated
  • Blank Calendars Weekly – Dated
  • Yearly Blank calendars – Undated
  • 2 Page Monthly Blank calendars – Undated
  • Cute blank calendars for kids
  • Calendar using tips
  • Sum up

12 Month Blank Calendars (January to December)

January to December, 12 months of blank calendar pages (undated) in minimalist designs. Download once and you may use them forever for any year or month. Get your free templates conveniently in MS word, Excel, Pdf, or jpeg formats.

Blank Calendar Month Templates (Undated) – Landscape & Portrait

Here are the monthly blank calendars without dates and months in practical designs, you may choose what suits you best. Sunday and Monday start templates with checkboxes, notes section, floating boxed type, lines, etc.

Blank Calendar Extra Large Word Template


Blank Calendar with Notes Section


Blank Calendar Templates with Lines Week Numbers


Blank Calendar with checkboxes and notes


Blank Calendar Planner Image


Printable Blank Calendar Template With Floating boxes


Weekly Blank Calendars 2022

Blank weekly calendars in sophisticated all-purpose designs in list format, 4 columns,

Weekly Calendar 2022
Printable Weekly Calendar 2022 with Holidays
Weekly Calendar 2022 Template

Blank Calendar Year Templates – List View

Here are all annual templates in list view and undated versions. MS Word, PDF, and Exel formats, and download links are provided under each image, every one of them is useful and helps you in gaining flexibility and the most exceptional planning while working.

2 Page Monthly Blank Calendars

Monthly blank calendars on 2 pages are ideal for planner diaries and bullet journals.

That’s all folks! I hope you liked these calendars and found what you were looking for. Below are some tips to use calendar templates effectively.

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How to Use a Blank Calendar Template?

  • Track Recorder/Motivator/Event scheduler: 

You can very easily organize your events as well as appointments by keeping a track of all the upcoming activities. Use them as a motivator, track recorder, event schedular, and other relatable types.

  • Check on your routine habits

By simply put up an empty calendar sheet at your most accessible location check on a daily basis and mark them once you complete it.

  • Plan Holidays

Mark down all the most important holidays on your blank sheet and analyze which of them can be used as your vacations.

  • Logbook of important events

Use them to remember all important upcoming events of the week like important meetings, appointments, doctor visits, and so on.

Have You Found Your Favorite Calendar Image?

I hope you have! There are many ways of getting a calendar template and we have one of the most convenient options to download. You’ll get a blank calendar template from here and you can get a printout of the same. Still, if you are looking for any specific requirements, please let us know in the comment section.


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