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Free monthly calendar maker

Create your monthly calendar for any year or month in seconds, customize it according to your needs, and download or print the PDF file once you’ve finished.

Using this free monthly calendar maker has numerous benefits, and here are some of the most common ones.

Customize title

Customize weeks

Customize dates

Notes section - for personal use only

January 2024

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There are numerous benefits of using this printable monthly calendar maker and here are some of the most common ones.


Unlike our pre-made monthly calendar templates, the monthly calendar generator provides various customization options, from selecting the Week’s start (Sunday first or Monday first) to changing font style, alignment, and many coloring options.

From the customization section, a notes section can be added below or on the right side of the calendar, or you may use the grid calendar. The notes section helps track reminders and upcoming deadlines.

easy to create

Our monthly calendar schedule maker is easy to use and has practical functions. You just need to set your preferences and provide input, and you will see the changes. You can create your monthly calendar in seconds and start organizing with a tangible and trustworthy companion.

Easy to use

Printable calendars are so handy, that you can carry them anywhere and use them conveniently.

Printable calendars are versatile and the most tangible way for organizing tasks as you don’t need any distracting apps or software.

So why wait? Take control of your life and organize like never before with our easy-to-use printable monthly calendar maker and create your calendar in friction of time.

printable calendars for personal or official purposes

Printable calendars are versatile and can be used at home and equally. Whether you are a homemaker or an office-goer, printable calendars are the most convenient and affordable tool for time management.

There are various ways to use them in your daily life. If you are a planner lover, use them as planner inserts in the binder, stick them to your workstation, fridge, or anywhere you can glance.


What customizations are offered by the monthly calendar generator?

CalendarKart is perfect for creating calendars using our free monthly calendar maker. 

  • Year range – 2020 to 3000
  • Blank or with county-specific holidays
  • Week start – Sunday First/Monday First
  • Notes section – Add notes section below or on the right side of the calendar
  • Coloring options – text or background color options

 How often can I use the free monthly calendar maker?

You can use the free calendar maker as often as you need, creating new calendars each month or updating existing ones with new notes and information.

Can I share my generated calendar with others?

Yes, once you have generated your calendar using a custom calendar maker, you can easily share it via email, social media or print it out for distribution.

Is the calendar schedule maker user-friendly?

Absolutely! Our calendar schedule maker is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive features that make the process of creating and customizing your calendar simple and straightforward.

Can I customize the cells and add my planned events using the custom calendar maker?

No, you cannot customize the cells, but you can easily add a notes section to your calendar. You can position the notes section as per your liking and pick your page type between A4 and US letter. 

Download or print your calendar, whatever suits you the best!

How does the calendar creator work?

The calendar creator provides various templates and customization options. You can select a template, customize it according to the available options, such as font change, text case, page options, etc, and then generate and download your custom calendar.