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2023 Holiday-Themed Calendars

    US Calendar Holidays 2023 to help get into a routine of planning tasks and striking them off. To get used to this dynamic world our kids live in, it becomes vital to get our hands-on calendars. Calendars are one of the most organized planners which can exist free of cost. In the fast-paced lives we are living, imagine the kind of life that waits for our kids.

    Instead of just having a plain blank calendar in your room or office, why not have decorative calendars? Moreover, if there is a kid in the house then it is like icing on the cake, these calendar templates can be a mood changer and add colors to the monotonous and dull life. Decorations on the calendar do give all the more reasons for adults as well as kids to use colorful calendars more often and organize their chaotic life.

    If you are looking for some refreshing holiday-themed calendars then you will love them.

    2023 August Calendar Floral
    2023 August Calendar Watercolor

    This is the month for all the foodies. What can be more fun than getting an entire month to celebrate your madness for food? Provide your munchkins with all the delicacies they like to have. Do not forget to include in his/her diet chart, a slice of yummy, juicy watermelon, like the one shown in our calendar.

    Labor Day: Monday, September 04, 2023

    2023 September Calendar Floral
    2023 September Calendar Watercolor
    September 2023 Holiday Themed Calendar

    The first Monday in September is dedicated to the hard work of the United States. The day is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of US workers.

    Halloween: Tuesday, October 31, 2023

    2023 October Calendar Floral
    2023 October Calendar Watercolor
    October 2023 Holiday Themed Calendar

    It’s Halloween time once again. Come, remember all those who died, saints, martyrs, and all those who faithfully departed. Adorn your ghostly outfits and celebrate the day along with your children by playing games like apple bobbing, divination, etc. Kids will love our Halloween theme monthly calendar.

    Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 23, 2023

    2023 November Calendar Floral
    2023 November Calendar Watercolor
    November 2023 Holiday Themed Calendar

    It is the month when people celebrate Thanksgiving Day by doing charitable work and feeling grateful for whatever they have in life. It’s that time of the month when the aroma of roasted Turkey and baked cheese will fill your mind with happiness. Don’t forget to treat your children with yummy roasted turkey, just like the one depicted in our calendar.

    Christmas Day: Monday, December 25, 2023

    2023 December Calendar Floral
    2023 December Calendar Watercolor
    December 2023 Holiday Themed Calendar

    Merry Christmas, everyone! It’s that time of the year again when your naïve kids will go to sleep, hoping to meet Santa and his reindeer. Their innocent minds still wait for the gifts and goodies. Our Christmas-themed calendar will cheer them up and bring them all the happiness they deserve.

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    Get your hands on a variety of US calendar holidays now and start helping your kids plan out their tasks in a much more orderly manner. Nothing better than these calendars to keep a proper record of our own lives. I hope you like my collection of calendars if you have any queries related to printable calendars please let me know in the comment section below.

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