7+ Cute and Stylish Free Printable January 2021 Calendar { All Pretty Designs }

With a New year and a new start, you can welcome these Cute and stylish Printable January 2021 calendars in your lives to make yourself more planned, scheduled, and organized than before.

These templates you will find across the post.

  • Sunday Start Pretty Design Mint Color
  • Monday Start Calendar Cute Blue
  • Refreshing and Cute Floral calendar
  • Sophisticated Black & White Calendar
  • Blank calendar Elegant Template
  • Plain and Simple Vertical Style Calligraphy
  • Formal Ink-Free Calendar With Notes Bar

Stylish and Cute Printable January 2021 Calendars

You can get these stylish and trendy calendars on our site only. So, conveniently get yours instantly!

Cute January Calendar: Pretty Mint

Cute January 2021 Calendar Mint Colored

Download PDF

This mint-colored, Sunday start Jan calendar is shareable on Pinterest board and gives a refreshing vibe to the surroundings. It would be perfect for placing this calendar on your dining room table or wall to provide it with a rusty, chic look. Be it about jotting down your domestic chores or notes; this calendar would always be useful for you.

Printable January 2021 Monday Start Calendar Elegant Blue

January 2021 Monday Start Calendar

Download PDF

The azure theme of the calendar proffers a serene vibe to the place where it is pinned on or kept. The specialty of this Jan Calendar is that it commences from “Monday” instead of Sunday. The cute blue color would look perfect on the side table of your blue-themed bedroom. You can even write the pending bills on your calendar blocks, which are quite spacious.

Refreshing and energizing January 2021 Floral calendar

January 2021 Floral Pretty Calendar

Download PDF

Flowers are always loved by everyone, be it an older person or the children. These floral printed January calendars are suitable for kids and adults as well. The mingling of the green and blue shades give a vibrant vibe to the calendar template. Get yours soon to get a glimpse of the flowers daily, either in your home or office.

You may also be interested in the following templates:

Practical and Fine Sunday Start Calendar templates

This black and white formal January 2021 calendar can be used for business and professional purposes. Be it your office’s table or your light-colored walls; these trendy and evergreen calendars can fit everywhere. With a contemporary vibe, these calendars are quite rustic with large and bright boxes to write your notes.

January 2021 Calendar Plain and Simple

Download PDF

Blank calendar Elegant January Template

This blank calendar January 2021 template has a separate boxes calendar, has a significant advantage that they can be customized as per the user’s requirements. You can pen down your comments or even write big and clear dates which can be easily viewed from long distances, all your choice! The black and white theme gives it a professional look as well.

Blank January 2021 Calendar Template

Download PDF

Plain and Simple Vertical (Portrait) Style Calendar

This simple yet elegant looking 2021 January calendar template has elongated boxes that proffer an ample white space to enable you to jot down extra notes and remarks. The casual white and black theme is always quite intriguing. You can print this calendar if you want to write more letters because the small-sized dates allow you to do so.

January 2021 Printable Calendar Portrait Layout

Download PDF

Black and White Ink-free calendar with notes bar

This Black & White January calendar template with extra notes bar at the bottom is a minimalist design and an ink saver. It offers a large horizontal space to enable you to jot down extra notes and remarks. It depicts a professional feel and a clean layout. Even you may write on date boxes as well because the small characters leave enough space for writing.

Printable January 2021 Calendar with Notes

Download PDF

Printable January 2021 Calendars in Word, PDF, and Excel Formats

If you are an official calendar user so here we are presenting our freshly curated printable calendars in Word, Excel, and PDF formats, I hope our visitors would be delighted.

January 2021 Calendar with Large Numerals (Word, Excel, PDF)

January 2021 Calendar MS Word Sheet

January 2021 Calendar with Small Numerals (Word, Excel, PDF)

Printable Excel January 2021 Calendar Template

Monday Start January 2021 Calendar with Highlighted Weekends (Word Excel, PDF)

Printable January 2021 Excel Calendar Template

How To Download January Calendar?

They can easily be downloaded from the download links provided below each calendar in PDF or print directly while clicking on calendar images. Some files are included in Word and Excel formats also. All calendars and planners available on this site are available for instant download and no sign-up required. So Easy, isn’t it?

How to Use Printable Calendars Effectively?

What should I write on my calendar?

I am assuming that you are already familiar with the printable calendars. If you have landed up for the first time on our site then here are some handy tips. These templates can be perfectly used for your bullet journal or planners. 

Here’s what you may write:

  • Weekly/Monthly Goals
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Menu List(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Exercise Routine

Weekly/Monthly Goals:

You can write your weekly or monthly goals on the white spaces of the calendar and analyze your progress. This will aid you in achieving your goals systematically and consistently. Since the calendars are kept at a display, one glance at them may make you aware of your goals and remind you to perform the same. Your goal may be to perform your daily exercises or to study your novel and complete it in a specific period.

Motivational Quotes:

Mental illness and depression are real and should not be averted. Motivational quotes should be jotted down on the calendars so as to rind you of the light and hope in this dark world. “ The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Quotes like these, when written down on the calendars may motivate you all the time when you look at them and inspire you to work hard in every situation.

Menu List(breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Everybody wants to be fit, but their laziness and forgetful nature tend to act as a barrier in this regard. Nut, you can now write your menu list, including your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to eat a balanced meal and remain healthy. Wholesome and different items can be written in your menu list, according to which you can eat comfortably and be fit. Consistency would help you to be fit.

Exercise Routine

One can perform different types of exercises daily to remain healthy and fit. These exercises can be written on calendars, which could make it possible to practice them daily. Since the calendars are always in view, you may never forget to skip your exercise routine, which can yield great results.

A Short Note For Using Calendars From This Site.

All printables available on this website are for personal use only and are not meant to be used commercially or reproduce though you may use as many calendars as you want, there is no restriction in that. All printables available on this platform are self-designed hence chances of mistakes can not be denied, so we request you to cross-check them before using them.

 Have you found your favorite calendar?

From the above given of January 2021 calendar templates, given above, you can choose your favorite calendar and download it from the respective links. My ideal schedule is the second template (Monday Start), which is the azure-colored calendar. Go, get yours soon!

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