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Free Printable Weekly Calendar 2022 Template

Looking for a free printable weekly calendar 2022? Here you will find some exclusive weekly schedule templates in Docx, Jpeg, and Pdf formats for free downloading.  Instant download, no sign-up or registration needed!

Weekly Calendar 2022 Templates in PDF, Word and Jpeg

Here are all practical designs for the weekly schedule templates. Each design has 53 pages for each week in MS word, Pdf, and jpeg. Word and pdf files are combined while jpg/images files are separate.

Weekly Schedule Templates One Week per page (53 pages, Landscape)

Weekly Calendar 2022

Weekly Calendar Templates 2 Columns – 1 Week per page (53 pages, Landscape)

Weekly Calendar 2022 Template

Weekly Schedule Templates – 4 Columns (53 pages, Landscape)

Printable Weekly Calendar 2022 with Holidays

More calendar templates:

How to Download?

We have provided the easiest options for downloading and there’s no need to sign-up required. All you need to scroll down to your favorite template and you will find download links under each image. Files are available in word, pdf, and jpg/image formats.

What to Write in Your Weekly Schedule Templates?

Ever wonder what to write in your weekly schedules, no worries! Here are some tips for using them, I hope they will be helpful.

Weekly calendars can be used for multiple purposes and there is are a number of ways, one can use them to accomplish tasks. It totally depends on your needs on how to make them into use. There is no doubt that the weekly calendar help in easing out our lives to a great extent.

Keep a note of the special days:

As an individual, we are burdened with a lot of work in our day-to-day lives. In such a hustle-bustle, it becomes tough to remember all the important and special days. However, many special days occur in our lives, such as the birthday or anniversaries of friends and family members, and ceremony dates. Important dates also include the appointments date with doctors, business meetings, etc. Hence, the blank weekly calendar helps us to keep a note of all the important dates. 

Prioritize Work:

Surely, all of us have plenty of tasks that need to complete in a single day. However, the key to time management is to do the process of prioritization. Make sure to plan out your weekly routine and then prioritize all of your goals based on urgency and importance. 

  Review Your Goals:

Goals made are just like 1/4th of the work done. The primary task is to review all of the goals and do a proper analysis of the same. With the help of a printable weekly calendar, review each goal of yours properly and try and fill the loopholes for the future. 

Benefits Of Using Weekly Calendar:

A weekly calendar comes with many benefits, as stated above. However, the core benefit attached to it is that it helps the individual to leave an ordered and disciplined life, which eventually helps him or her to attain all of their goals. 

Anyone can use the printable calendar, there is no particular age group that is supposed or advised to use them. These calendars due to their rapid advantages have become the need of the hour. It has also helped people witness success and a rapid change in their lives. Now is the time for you to acknowledge the various advantages of using printable calendars. Here are some of the key benefits mentioned, have a look: 

Consistency, the key to success:

We, as humans, are generally habituated to making a plethora of plans but sometimes with a lack of proper planning we face short comes. Hence, here come calendars into the picture, with the help of a free weekly calendar, one can plan out some essential, achievable, and measurable goals. But most importantly, a calendar will primarily benefit the individuals to be consistent. 

An important point to note is that it is alright if you end up adding three primary goals instead of size high-end unachievable goals. One should majorly focus on consistency and nothing else. If for the entire week, with the help of a weekly planner, you can achieve the three stated goals, then you have already won more than half the battle. 

Helps in Multi-Tasking

It can be said that It is a blessing and disguise to be born in a highly competitive era. In such times, one cannot take a break. Multi-tasking has become the need of the hour. With the dense and busy schedules, we are piled up with tons and tons of work, and we get trapped in the same. However, we do not need to worry when we have blank weekly calendars with us. During your busy schedules, a weekly calendar template is going to help by being a mentor and a reflector. 

The best way to use this calendar is to write down all of your targets, essential dates, and short-term goals. These calendars will also act as reminders as they will continuously make you fulfill all your goals and sort your busy schedules in a stress-free manner. 


The first step toward living a structured life is effective planning. Once the plans are on point, it is only then that one can find out effective ways to achieve their goals. Then everything boils down to prioritizing all of the work and following a strict schedule for them. Trust us when we say, a little bit of discipline in life can help you get an immense amount of success in a short period. 

Hence, to do so, the weekly planners act as a great source of support. They help individuals to stay even more focused and systematic in their approach. Once you have started practicing the habit of prioritizing the work, you will directly attract all your goals towards you. Hence, you will also eventually stay more motivated throughout this journey. 


I hope you find your favorite weekly calendar 2022 template. If you like them then please share them with your friends and families. In case of any difficulty or problem, while face while downloading them please let us know in the comment section below, we will resolve it ASAP.

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