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How to Create a Calendar in Microsoft Word? [Step by Step Guide]

    Want to create your own calendar, that perfectly meets your requirements? A Microsoft word calendar could be useful for business errands, for the academic world (for students & teachers) as well as for personal and family usage.

    So in a way, the MS word calendar is the answer to your queries which you can create on your own with some easy-to-follow steps.

    How to Make a Calendar in Microsoft Word

    Here in this post, I have covered, step by step guide to creating your own calendar in MS word documents with a scratch on a blank document and with Microsoft readymade calendar templates.

    Even if you’re a little handy with the Ms word. This post will show you every little detail so that you can easily create one for yourself without much hassle.

    Though Microsoft offers free readymade calendar templates, which you can use also. But if you want to create a calendar that belongs to you completely then please follow these simple steps.

    Let’s Create A Monthly Calendar in MS Word from a Scratch.

    Follow this step-by-step picture guide to create your own calendar from scratch.

    Step 1: Open a blank document in Microsoft word and Setup the Page Layout

    Open a blank document in MS word and select the page orientation in the landscape/horizontal style from the “Layout tab” (as we are creating a landscape calendar, however, you may choose portrait layout as well).

    Step 2: Set page margins to narrow (for large calendar)

    For a full-size calendar, we are setting up “narrow margins”, that way we will have wider boxes for writing notes. Other margin options can be seen in the image below.

    Set Page Margin Narrow
    Page margin – narrow

    Step 3: Insert a 7X6 table on the document.

    Now in the insert tab, while you click the drop-down on the table element, there you will find options to select no of rows and columns as you hover the mouse over the boxes or you can simply click insert table and enter the number and rows and columns you want.

    Here in this calendar example, we are using a 7×6 table (7 columns x 6 rows), in some months you may need 7 rows then you could use the 7×7 size.

    Insert 7x6 Table
    Table size – 7×6

    Step 4: Adjust the table width

    Now we will adjust the table width to 3.8 cm in the “Layout tab” as we want to make a large calendar, for that select the table, and enter 3.8 value in the width section.

    Step 5: Select the first row and merge

    Select the first row with mouse dragging and merge them, the merge option can be seen in the “Layout tab” as shown in the figure.

    Step 6: Enter month, year, and days

    After merging the first row, enter the month and year in the first row and choose font and size as you required (as you increase the font look for the table if it’s expanding to the next page).

    Now jot down days in the second row (start either with Sunday or Monday). After filling, select both rows and align the text in the center as shown in the figure below.

    Step 7: Setup the box height.

    Select the rest of the bottom rows with the help of mouse dragging and in the “Layout tab”, enter “3 cm” value in the height section and hit enter on your keyword.

    Step 8: Start entering dates in the boxes

    Here is your table ready with the appropriate height and width. Now start entering dates in the boxes.

    Click on the box from where the first day of the month is starting and type 1, then press the “Tab” key on the keyboard and you will reach the next box and enter 2 there, and follow the same process for the rest of the days.

    You can align the dates on either of the box corners (top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left) or center, in the “Layout tab”, following the same steps as we aligned days and months in “Step 6”. Choose the font size as appropriate to you.

    Your basic calendar template is ready

    Your basic word calendar is ready and you can save the template in your local system or device.

    Basic word calendar ready
    Ready word calendar

    Step 9: Styling your calendar

    As your basic minimal calendar is ready, now if you want you can give a little color and design to it. Select your table and from the “table design” tab, select from the various pre-made templates and save.

    These are the kind of ready templates you will get from the section in just one click.

    Colored calendar ready in word
    Designed word calendar templates

    Finally, your word calendar is ready and you can save it on your device.

    If you want any calendar for any month or year, simply copy this and edit the content.

    You can also save it in pdf format on your system. If you face any problems while making a calendar, please a message in the comment section below.

    Creating Calendar Readymade Templates in Microsoft

    Microsoft also offers pre-made calendar templates and you will get a good variety of calendars there too. If you haven’t used them before, I will take you through them.

    Step 1: Open MS word Document

    As you open the word document, you may find calendar templates on the dashboard and if not, you may click the “more templates” option as shown in the image below.

    Step 2: Search for Calendar

    You will land on the next page, where you may see many different templates, there on the search bar, you can search for “calendar”.

    Step 3: Select your calendar template

    Here Microsoft provides you with so many minimalist and beautiful calendar templates, you may choose any of them. In our case, we have selected the first one “Snapshot Calendar”.

    Step 4: Create calendar from template

    As you click on the template a window will open from where you need to press the “create” button.

    Step 5: Select month and year

    Here at this point, you can select the calendar template for any month and year.

    Step 6: Change month and year

    Once you have selected the month and date, you can still change it from the “select new dates calendar” option which you will find in the “calendar” tab.

    Step 7: Design a calendar

    Now the calendar is ready, you can change the layout and try different design options from the “table design” tab and if you are signed up, you can share it with your colleagues or family.

    I hope you find this step-by-step guide for creating an MS Doc calendar helpful, If you encounter any problems while creating them, please a message in the comment section below. I will try to be responsive.

    If you like this post and you find it helpful, share it with your friends and colleagues.

    Happy Planning!

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