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How Do I Print A Calendar?

    In this post, I will share some ideas about “How you can print calendars from various platforms and devices?”. If you like being productive and less overwhelmed then you know how important printable calendars are for managing our routine tasks and help us to become more productive.

    Printing calendars from our site:

    There are two ways to print calendars from our site, either you may download the pdf or jpeg versions of the calendar and print, or in the easiest way print directly from your browser if you don’t want to download. How you prefer to take a print, depends on you.

    This is how you can directly print the calendar without downloading it.

    Step 1: Scroll down to the desired image you are looking for and open it in the next tab.

    Step 2: Before printing, check your printer and page setting. You may use maximum space while applying these simple tricks like selecting minimal margins, scale-up, and making sure header and footers are unchecked.

    Step 3: After ensuring all setup, give print command from your browser or press the “Ctr+P” key combination on your keyboard.

    How to print from Google calendar?

    If you want to print calendars from Google calendar then you must have a Google account.

    Step 1: Visit create an account and log in, once you logged into your account, the current date calendar will appear on the screen.

    Step 2: For printing, you need to click on the setting icon on the top right corner of the screen and select “print” from the dropdown.

    Step 3: When you click on print, the calendar preview page will pop up on the screen and from there you can choose options like “date range”, “view”, “font-size”, and “color” or B&W, etc. After selecting your options, you can click print.

    Google Calendar Preview
    Google calendar preview

    How to print a calendar from iCal?

    If you’re a Mac user, then you have been provided iCal. You may print out the calendar while using this program.

    Step 1: Start iCal on your device. If you can’t see it in the menu section, just search it out.

    Step 2: Now calendar will pop up on the left screen

    Step 3: Now select the file and print and you are good to go.

    iCal calendar
    Image source:

    How to print from outlook?

    For printing calendars from outlook, here are the simple steps to follow. I assume you already have an outlook account.

    Step 1: Go to the calendar icon on the bottom of the sidebar or it may be on another location, depending on the outlook version you are using.

    Outlook Calendar Icon
    outlook calendar icon

    Step 2: Calendar will pop up on the screen, from the top menu you may select the view options like day, month, or week.

    Outlook Calendar Menu
    Outlook calendar view options

    Step 3: Give a print command while pressing the “Ctr+P ” key combination on the keyboard or print from the “file tab” in the menu bar.

    How do I create my own calendar?

    You can easily create your own calendar if you wish to. You should visit our tutorial “How to create a calendar in MS word”, after reading this step-by-step guide, you will be able to create your own calendar.

    Here are some other websites, which allow you to download and print calendars, absolutely free. calendar Lab is an old renowned website that provides customizable calendars solutions in various formats. Calendar pedia is another popular website for providing free printable calendars and planners.

    Print-a-calendar: Printing a calendar should be easy as pressing a button and that’s what this website did. Click the big red “Print” button and the calendar will print on your way.


    So here are some easiest ways to print calendars from various sources while following some easy steps. The point is to encourage you to start using printable calendars in an efficient way and stay productive and positive.

    Happy Planning!

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